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The one and only solution for secure and anonymous communication developed for most secure operating system - iOS Apple. DarkNet app is powered by Dark Network, Open Source project developed by Anonymous.


Your secure communication is protected by network infrastructure build on high-end Cisco and Fortigate hardware to secure and protect network protocols by stric Policy and Objects.

DarkNet encrypted and secure chat



• Anonymous and secure message and voice services free of charge, which are subject to the conditions stated below.


• DarkNet VPN protocol only accessible for Dark Networko users
• DarkNet Proxy only accessible for Dark Network users
• IP routing and policy
• Encrypted chat accessible only on LAN network


• END-TO-END encrypted Sim Card APN
• DarkNet AES256GCM VPN with DH KEYS + PFS

Dark Network Overview

The Dark Network service is an overlay network to the internet that can only be accessed by specialized DarkNet software, configurations and security authorizations within use of Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and non-standard communication protocols in order for it to be deliberately inaccessible by the internet.

Sim card APN is END-TO-END encrypted with mobile data internet provider as extra security layer over Dark Network provided services.

Users of this DarkNet app are truly anonymous. Here they are free to conduct their business and express themselves without fear of repercussion. Dark Network addresses could receive data from ARPANET but did not appear in the network lists and would not answer pings or other inquiries.

Dark Network chat service and servers can not be accessed from internet. Our nodes are configured only for localhost access. All text and media messages are END-TO-END encrypted and can not be dechipered/decypted by us or any third party. You are just a port number on local host.

Your anonymity matter to us, thats why we build the most secure pure iOS application with closed circle network service.

DarkNet encrypted chat


Conditions Of Use And Privacy Policy

We will provide anonymous message and voice services free of charge, which are subject to the conditions stated below in this document. Every time you use this application or use its services you accept the following conditions. This is why we urge you to read them carefully.

Your privacy matters to us. You can learn more about how we handle your information when you use our Services by reading our Privacy Policy. The privacy and confidentiality of your information are our priority!

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into application and is subject to our Terms of Use. Your use of the Dark Network services indicates your consent to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. If you do not want to stick by these agreements, you may not use our Services.

We do not store your personal informations, messages, photos and audio recordings, altogether the “Information” you enter and share on DarkNet application by Dark Network. All data is stored only on your iPhone with triple layer unbreakable encryption.


Confidentiality of your personal information.

We do not require any ID documentation from you to create a Dark Network account. Our application is FREE OF CHARGE based on “Free software policy” and it is a matter of liberty!

We do not have access to your iPhone, to any of your personal information and we are not able, do not preserve or maintain copies of any content sent by you to another user, including text messages, photographs, or audio recordings. When accessing the Services, all the information you are entering, including your iPhone passcodes and DarkNet app passwords are encrypted and saved on your device - not on our servers!

You are the only one with access to your Information. You can securely chat or delete information at any time. Our servers are only transporting the encrypted messages that you send and receive only long enough to ensure their delivery to each device associated with your account. Our encryption is based on OMEMO forward secrecy double ratchet protocol, multi end-to-end data encryption. Dark Network servers are only transporting encrypted information between two DarkNet iPhone devices in VPN + Proxy connection and do NOT possess private keys to decrypt or read information data exchanged between two parties!

1. We are not able to decrypt / read your messages
2. We are not able to see contact list between users
3. We are not able to see your location
4. We are not able to reset DarkNet app passwords and iPhone passcode

We have no ability to view, monitor (MITM), access, or decrypt messages - photos sent between DarkNet app users. DarkNet app encryption is based on private and public keys generated by OMEMO encryption protocol on iPhone mobile device. Our encryption policy is based on device trust, not certificate or user!

All Information Is Encrypted

DarkNet app is written only for orginal iOS platform, providing you communication through a secured VPN + Proxy encrypted channel with the assurance that your confidential information is transferred (whether it be messages, photos, voice) in an encrypted channel that is protected from any malicious attacks or espionage.

Encrypted personal information

All the Information entered to an DarkNet account is present on your device only in encrypted mode. You are the only one to have the key to decrypt the Information. We do not have access to this Information and do not possess the key to decrypt it.

Reset lost passwords or passcode

If you lose your iPhone, forgot passcode or DarkNet app login passwords, we are not able to help you. We do not have access to your phone and we are not able to reset login passwords!

Encrypted communication

All the Information on the Services are transferred in a secured and encrypted tunnel. Only you are, the only one to have the key to decrypt. Dark Network or anybody else than you, cannot have access to your Information without your authorization. Each message sent to another user, via chat protocol, is transferred with a temporary and unique key allowing the Information contained in the message to be decrypted by the selected recipient. Only this recipient has access to the key and is able to read the data contained in the sent message. All messages are stored in encrypted form on your devices. Encrypted database password on most secured iPhone device is generate automatically, no one have access to it ! You choose your own retention policy for your messages by choosing how long a message is viewable before it is deleted (via the self-destruct time for sent messages and manual deletion for your device). Deleted messages cannot be recovered ! Among other features, the DarkNet application allows you to receive, read and deliver notifications, encrypt pictures and storage, encrypted saved messages. You can allow or disallow your messages to be saved or forwarded. You are in full control of your privacy !

If DarkNet is temporarily in possession of any of your data through server transport, such data is fully end-to-end encrypted with keys, which are, at all the time, in your sole possession on iPhone device. We have no ability to view, monitor, access, or decrypt messages sent between Dark Network users.

1. Allow or disallow your messages to be forwarded
2. Allow or disallow your messages to be saved in Tresor.
3. Show or hide your online presence
4. Destory buddy chat anytime dropping a “bomb”
5. Use flash messages that last only 30 seconds
6. Choose how much time your message's will last in the chat with your buddies. The message's disappear priority is the one whose length of time is shorter
7. You can not recive or send messages from users that are not on your buddy list
8. We are not able to view your buddies contact list or add buddies to your account
9. Maximum number of failed iOS passcode attempts set to 4 before all data on device will be erased

You are in total control of your privacy.


We use orginal iOS operating system on iPhone devices, locked in supervised mode with activated internal chip encryption that requires login passcode with minimum 6 digits. Dark Network is not able to archive, reset or knew your iOS iPhone login passcode. DarkNet application login passwords are encrypted and stored only on iPhone device. If you forget DarkNet login passwords or lose your phone, we are not able to reset, re-enter or disable login screens. That phone cant be used anymore for any further user activites.


This Privacy Policy applies to all the free of charge Services offered by Dark Network.
DarkNet application is engineered and written by Anonymous.
Deep web: e36ykc2labnbxogx.onion


Devices and subscriptions



3 months subscription extension

DarkNet licence subscription Donation in BTC
    Continues subscription for three months. Valid for all iPhone models

6 months subscription extension

DarkNet licence subscription Donation in BTC
    Continues subscription for six months. Valid for all iPhone models
Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between Dark Network and others ?

Dark Network is the only mobile phone on market that uses orginal iOS operating system, supervised and without pairing possibility with DATA readers or connection to any computer with USB cable - iPhone will remain locked for DATA communication.

I forgot iPhone passcode and DarkNet passwords, what should i do ?

We do not have access to your phone. If you wipe your phone or forget its passcode and DarkNet passwords, we are not able to reset it. You need to contact your agent and purchase new phone and Dark Network account.

Can I use WiFi or Bluetooth on Dark Network iPhone ?

No, it is not possible due our stric network policy and objects firewall rules related to VPN and PROXY protocol. It is only possible to connect in secure VPN connection with Dark Network SIM card.

Can i use other Sim Card in the phone ?

No, you can not use. Dark Network network protocol is high end secure and it is not possible to use any other Sim Card then Dark Network.

I dont have VPN connection, what should i do ?

After every phone restart you need to unlock it same moment with your iPhone passcode. If the phone have cold boot on charger and you do not unlock it, it will not connect to VPN and Proxy Dark Network services. If you still can not connect to VPN and Proxy check singal on your phone. If LTE(4G) signal is low, switch phone to 3G signal. High end encryption requires very good signal for connections.

I have signal, but no VPN ?

Shut down iPhone, pull out Sim Card, return Sim Card back in slot and turn on the iPhone again. If you can not enter to VPN and Proxy services, contact your agent.

Low battery mode - no message notifications ?

Never put iPhone in LOW BATTERY MODE becaouse you will not be able to recive push notifications for messages.

Where I can use Dark Network iPhone, working World Wide ?

In more than 156+ countries around the Globe. We provide two different prepaid sim cards and while placing order for phone, you need to notice type of Sim Card you want to use.

Are Dark Network servers VPS managed?

Dark Network servers - infrastructure use private servers and equipment without remote access. Every software or hardware service maintenance is done on location. We do not use VPS services as they are not secure ! Read more about Dark Network under NETWORK page.

How do we protect our network from attacks ?

We use very strict policy and objects on high end FortiGate, Cisco and MikroTik equipment to protect network from outside attacks. Our network and phones are fully LOCKDOWN without space for mistake.

Dark Network message encryption ?

Messaging between users is only possible on the local network (LAN) due to VPN and PROXY benefits. All messages are end-to-end encrypted with P2P connection. LAN messaging system is encrypted by OMEMO Double Ratchet Algorithm without possibility for reverse engineering. Each message sent, means the above two chains move one step ahead. This way, each conversation is built around a chain of Diffie-Hellman keys which cannot be reversed. Also running, on each participant’s end, are identical chains of AES keys, which allow everyone involved to read each other’s messages. The process is designed to be irreversible – like a ratchet, it cannot screw backward. On top of messages encryption is iOS supervised iPhone device + Encrypted SIM CArd + VPN + Proxy. It is unbreakable.

Do we have support ?

You can conntact us by Wicker: d2rknetwork or by email: d2rknet@protonmail.com We will try to answer all your questions inside 24h.

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